Today – despite the fact that today is Saturday! – our small school hummed like a beehive until the very evening. Bursts of laughter were replaced by flute sounds, the awe-inspiring silence of listening was broken by the frantic stamping of feet, shouts of admiration turned into applause and all this was harmonized with extremely melodic and at the same time rhythmic Swedish dance songs about Madiken, Peppilotta Bendström and Londströck. There were also enough visual effects: there were pigtails sticking out of the cut

Since the beginning of our school’s existence, an important place in the educational space of students has been the study of the genius Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, who is known worldwide as the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Childhood in the Adult World, as a defender of children’s rights to childhood. We study the books written by her in all classes, from the first to the final. The phenomenon of her work is precisely that she wrote for both children and adults. On the pages of her works there are themes that are interesting and understandable to everyone. Because, as a true master of the word, as a deeply wise and good person, it reflects life truthfully and diversely, giving both children and adults the opportunity to enter the world of humanity and decency, sincere friendship and fidelity, interesting adventures and events. Astrid’s works are ingenious both artistically and psychologically. The writer unobtrusively, in a childish manner, reveals to children the problems of the world and ways to solve them, thus giving wise tips to adults. Yes, yes, we adults should look closely at the actions of the Swedish writer’s literary heroes to understand something very important in our children, in our relationships with them, and, ultimately, in ourselves.

Astrid Lindgren’s books help to grow a good, sensitive heart in a child, and – what is extremely important! – help to get interested in books, reading in general. And this is one of the key tasks of the school. So to teach a child to read enthusiastically, with curiosity, with taste, to promote motivation to master the important ability to be a reader for many years, we are helped by the works of this world’s most famous children’s writer.

our school calendar has a whole period of immersion in the study of the works of Astrid Lindgren. Traditionally, it begins three weeks before November 14 – her birthday. To this day, students of all ages textually study various works of the writer on the technology of “reading-living”. This means that in addition to traditional forms of working with literary text, children are offered activities that encourage careful reading and understanding, stimulate imagination, thinking, help enter the artistic world created by the writer, as if “animate” the work and its characters: their favorite games. dishes, adventures… Astrid’s birthday holiday for us is a holiday of a good children’s book, a holiday of Childhood, so all generations of our students are always looking forward to it. We come up with all our affairs and holidays together – so, there are traditions that have been around for almost two decades – and every year the children include them again and again in the program of the holiday. Among the favorites is the “Heroes of Astrid among us” contest: this is when everyone transforms into a favorite hero, and together with others, for example, the Carlsons compete for the title of “Carlson of our school”. All competitions – for works, involve being able to do what your chosen hero was able to do. Today, Pippi Longstocking, among other things, had to demonstrate the ability to throw on pancakes – who more than once in one minute. Exciting spectacle! Even on this day we always ride horses, present our illustrations, add new exhibits to the Astrid Lindgren World Museum, write Astrid’s letters to Nangiala, think at literary conferences… The day ends with a cake with candles and a cozy conversation – about the writer, books and about us themselves. Astrid always gives good topics for conversation – one of those difficult ones in which children are often wiser than adults! .

Throughout the day, each of its participants felt Astrid’s presence, her kind look, smile and warmth. Thank you to everyone who prepared the holiday, thank you to everyone who was present, thank you, dear Astrid, that we have such a wonderful world – the world of your works. It is so cozy and humane!
These are the words and vision of the holiday from our student. And we, dear adults, let’s try to read at least one of the works of Astrid Lindgren just for ourselves. Because… In fact, childhood never leaves us, right?

I’m sure we will get real pleasure, maybe – answers to questions, definitely – comfort in the soul, and the time spent on this reading will be a good investment in the childhood of those for whom you are responsible…

From next week, they say, it will rain – a good reason for a comfortable reading!

Text: Tatiana Dmitrenko

no sides, and a dozen striped socks, and a wonderful propeller on his back, and the enchanted forest in the office of history (actually, just stumbled around dry branches – but impressive!), and a wonderful forest hearth in a natural office (well, what with paper!)…

Today we had a big school holiday – Astrid Lindgren’s birthday. A holiday of books and reading, a holiday of childhood, a holiday of children’s culture.

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